User Guide


Instructions for registering-buying

  1. Via your computer
    1. If you have CycloName & CycloPIN already
      1. Click "Login"
      2. Go to your profile page and choose "Buy subscription". Υour account will be activated immediately. 
    3. New account
      1. Click [“Sign Up”].
      2. Fill in the registration form
      3. Amessage will be sent to the email that you have chosen with a link in its content. Follow that link to confirm your account
      4. Follow the second step of the previous case


System usage instructions

  • You need to be a subscriber to use our Bike Sharing System. Click [“Sign Up”] in order to subscribe.
  • Authenticate at the Station’s kiosk using your username and password 
  • Release the bike and…

Have a Nice Ride!


To release a bike:

  1. type your CycloName and CycloPin
  2. On the screen you can see your bike’s stand number
  3. Reach the bike stand and press the blinking button
  4. Release the bike. 

Unlocking is confirmed by the changing sound


To return a bike:

  • Simply push the bike in the slot.  No other action is required!

Locking is confirmed by a changing sound and the blinking green light. Please confirm that you have properly locked the bike, otherwise you maintain the liability for its use.